Climbing while Farming: The road to eternity (single player mode)

This build is applicable in all classes. It can be used in any floor or even up to the highest floor ever in DQ.
It’s my first time posting a build here in the forum so enjoy :smile:

Here are the pics of my build. I hope it is clearly visible to everyone.

Note: The playstyle is very simple. Rush through cartographer, shrines and wells and kill them using taunt+special skill. Be wary of mythic and legend bosses as you don’t want to clear all the mobs before summoning them. Inferno set is not needed. You can try tweaking and changing some affixes like +10 skill or the MS speeed affixes depending on your choice. For point allocations: 20 dexterity, 20 intelligence, 20 fortune, and the rest is up to you. :grin:


:heart_eyes: taunt for freeze 3 sec to activate the frozen explosion with the help of crushing flames. Nice solo build buddy


Great build :thumbsup:


Very good. Like the main hand weapon :wink:

Thank you veri much