Co-op PvE

Just thought it would be a nice experience if players could play online in a co-op mode to tag team levels and fight difficult bosses together. I suppose this would require some sort of a friends list in the game. Then players (maybe 2 or even 4 at a time) could choose whatever floor they want and see how high they are able to go as a team (floor 2,000? 3,000? Etc). Of course as the difficulty increases, team mates’ builds would have to compliment each other for maximum effect. Or players could maybe just do looting runs together. I like the idea of adding people from the forums in the real game and playing together :smile:

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It would be nice. But LOTS ov sincing would have to go on so everybody sees everybody’s attack, each loot drop was shown the same,every monster that spawned would have to be the same and many other big roadblocks. That’s one of the many issues with trying to make a game co-op. Trying to make a game that heavily uses RNG is a MASSIVE headache because EVERYTHING has to match PERFECTLY

Maybe if it works like Clans in Clicker Heroes… That you have a Clan Boss and everyone can attack it once every day in a 30s fight… If it die the next level boss appear and so on… If the clan don’t kill it in everyones attacks, after 24h the boss go down one level… Etc… Exactly the same as Clicker Heroes. And could even make the boss fights be in a room like the Arena. Would be a way to make people interact in PvE mode, without make an “MMO” game so it wouldn’t be changing the game so much.

The devs know that this is one of the most requested features, to play with other people. But please understand that it is impossible to do for Dungeon Quest, this is an offline game. Online capabilities are highly restricted which is why pvp is against AI.

When the devs make a new game, maybe they can do so.

Sorry @Clogon I was just wondering, talking about the feature, nothing else… I’m pretty satisfied with the game (kinda of addicted, hehe).

You don’t have to apologise for asking about a feature you want! If I came across as saying “don’t ask about theses things”, I am sorry. I just wanted you guys to know that there are limitations with the game as it was designed to be offline. Opinions are not wrong or right.

Online and offline RPG games are very different from each other. There are pros and cons about both!

Pro of offline: play anywhere any time. No internet connection required. No outside interference. No updates necessary.

Con of offline: limited multi player options. Easily hackable as everything is stored on the device.

Pro of online: play with people around the world. Harder to hack as everything is server side.

Con of online: always connected to the internet. Forced updates required.

You cannot mix these two. You can have offline games with online elements and vice versa, but a game that can have the best of both worlds cannot exist without having the cons of both.

Thank you mod clogon for the good explanation about this topic. :slight_smile:

I very much like DQ as it is. Hope the devs can further improve the game. Hope this game last long.