CoatWeapon Problem

Hi pros,
I just want to ask how does the coatweapon work. I know that coatweapon cause next attack to crit though. HOWEVER, do I have to “Press” it to activate crit or just attack normally?
Many thanks and love you all

Press it. If you have coat Proc, then until it procs but coat Proc doesn’t happen often so better with manual skill.

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Thanks for your reply!
It is so useless and inconvinience when we have to Press it then Attack simultaneously

At least I was able to make an OP build using coat. I do agree that though. Coat however used to be way more OP that it could proc too much but also affect more things than normal in a second. Prof rate nerf and coat nerf removed that which I was glad since coat was getting out of hand OP at one time. Still is very powerful but more an inconvenience now.

I mean coat helped me when I exploited effective+frozen before that stopped working. Also when fire used to be OP in arena back when I first done it , it was too good until perseverance makes Fire a lot weaker in dot DMG as well as bleed and dots in general. Of course poison included.

Coat with poison used to be very OP also when poison cloud could proc too many times instead of just once today for ridiculous DMG. If green garden wasn’t even enough in being too OP to break the game , coat + poison sure was.

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Wow you have such a profound knowledge about DQ. If you have free time, can you give me some good build for ROGUE Charkam
I have read so many builds topic but they are all expensive for me (3rd accession). Can you think of any strongly affordable build (nadroji chest + armor included would be so amazing).

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Oh sure. You can post me your build in PM (private message) also so I can give a better idea on giving you tips based on what you can afford.

Yes Nadroji can be used in a decent damage farm build too.

reply me plz

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I’ve got what I have been asking for a very long time. About CoatWeapon #gameplay nice!