Codex feats completion bug?

So my codex reads 25/26 completed, yet I have completed all the feats. Each entry is individually marked completed, but not awarding 26/26.

:frowning: . Me r sad

I have that error where it says 501/502 on the dictionary part of codex and then duplicate tips saying the same things.

We need more helpful tips lmao in the tips section of the codex so they understand the game better. Something like enemies who weak to element , you deal 25% more DMG instead of just, ice is weak to fire.

Also other useful small tips that could really help many players.

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Yea, agreed. But it’s good stuff still. Just that I’m ocd about completion lol

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Me too lol.

this bug has been already fix

Actually I still have that bug.

its already fix on my end, try to upload then download it again to your device