Codex legend craft crystal?

So, maybe i just gapped, but i made a fates travesty and when going to backpack, theres not a legend, but a crystal legend… did not know this. :confused:

Cool stuff

Yeah equip crystalline items for higher chance of Crystal legend find.

I got a crystal legend item from the Codex when getting a legend item. only once, but it is something to look forward to and think about. I wonder if affixes and perks affect the chances of legend items from the Codex coming out as crystal legends.


Im not sure, but i suspect they do, as well as the vendor

I have heard about the vender being affected by affixes/perks, but it would take awhile to get good crystal legends this way out of the Codex. plus lots of Dust!

Actually it is really true. This trick can also be used while buying eternals: You can get eternals with crystal affixes, something very rare before 3.0