Complaints and Possible Bug?

It’s incredibly frustrating when having 72k MP running mana shield on floor 220+ and getting 1 shot by Skyfall in a Cartogropher fight dodging his explosive crap and him healing back to full every time Skyfall 1 shots me. Did I mention I have 2600 resists too?

I get that the higher you go, the harder things get, I can even deal with unbalanced stuff like Skyfall map affixes and Explosive mob affixes that seem to one shot everything unless running god gear, but the fact that whatever you’re fighting, when killed by Skyfall, regenerates back to full health seems extra broken and phone throwing frustrating.

Also, not sure if it’s a bug that you can now revive yourself on map floors after the 2 free respawns, but that has been the only way to beat some of these fights; 20 respawns and a lucky break killing the Cartographer fast enough before Explosive plus Skyfall corners me and he goes back to full health.

This only seems to be an issue on Skyfall maps. I don’t think I’ve had a problem with mobs instantly healing when I die elsewhere.

/end rant.

Disclaimer: No phones were harmed in the making of this thread.

What floor?
What EP?
What stuff?

This is a new feature in 1.7 to address the problems players had with sometimes forgetting to “back up” their current progress by purchasing a new map. This is a compromise allowing players to purchase new tries after 2 tries, but also heals all enemies to prevent exploiting this feature too much.

Yeah…had to do this to an ep8 mythic that spawned with extra damage, thorns, elemental, and heal

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Breaking news : EP8 is now “hard” as it was supposed to be in a first place :laughing:
I think you should work on your stuff, not everyone can grind ep8 now :unamused: