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if you can find Eternal items that will help your Momentum Build, then use them. the problem with Eternals is very few Crystals can be used to modify them to improve the item for the build you want. if you choose to use Mythic affixes to improve your Momentum build, it will be easier to modify any part of your items to get your build to do what you want it to.
I would suggest looking in the Codex, and then write down the build you want twice. one using Mythics and the other using Eternal items. make the one that is easiest for you to make, or maybe you end up making a build that uses Mythics and Eternal items.

Very few eternal items are really good because you get stuck with affixes that are useless and cannot change. However, there are exceptions like nadroji ring or amulet. Same with chaos and mayhem… I would recommend no more than 2 eternal items per build

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Ok but can I make that ice build with rare items? So can I add red affixes to made in by rare items with 4 sockets? And I don’t want use axe should I use or change? And I forgot add red to 3 momentum item sentences I just have 3 red momentum items :sweat_smile:

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You change the element attack of your weapons with the first christal you find. Then add epic 5000 elemental damage then it automatically becomes the same element. Same with legend element damage. …will show you

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the red affixes are Legend Affixes. most of these can be gotten using the Ruby Crystal, or you can use items that have them on them already. there are some Legend affixes that are only found on items, and can’t be rolled using Ruby’s. Mythic Affixes are the Purple ones. you make those from the recipe’s you can find in your Codex. you put Myth Stones in the Sockets to make the Mythic affixes. each Mythic affix needs 4 sockets to make it. Resource Mythics can be on any item, but all the other Mythic affixes can only be on certain items. for example, the Resource Discordance can be on any item, but Harmony can only be on the head item.
just so you know, the more affixes that are on an item, the better it’s item power is. so you could improve a Normal item by putting more affixes on it, and improving it to Magic, Rare, Epic. Legend/Eternal items can only be found, and Mythic items are made by players. Crystal items are either found or made by players.

@dickwad I knew it but Ty for video.
@Golem well which red affixes they are I can’t find with Ruby?

Lots of red affixes you can’t get. Eg strength, dexterity, fortune , luck, damage to elites, weapon damage… I’m sure there is a guide on here

I couldn’t find enough information.

So now am I must change items class like this? Cuz I couldn’t find frostbiting items on warrior items

use a jasper to change items from one class to another

But how can I choose what I want from 4 items? On weapons?

how do you mean ?

you can remove stats with kyanite crystals. add stats with ruby(legend), topaz(epic), obsidian(chrystal) and amythests(set type). Use jasper to convert item to new class. Use amber to change a weapon skill. You can change talents and elements using chrystals too

Rubik's Crystallography try this link

Oh no; so now I want use frostbiting shield and I have frostbiting skull and I used Jasper on skull and changed its class to warrior. Now if I couldn’t get shield what can I do?

you can add frostbiting with a ruby I think. Found this on here … Legends cannot be attained via Ruby
•All Healing
•All Talents
•All Skills
•All Sets
•Arc Dodge
•Chance to Blind
•DMG to Elites
•Elemental DMG%
•In Control
•Mirror Cast
•MP Absorb
•Pickup Radius
•Push the Limit
•Slow projectile
•Weapon DMG%
•Affix class exclusives like +5 All (insert talent tree from another class here)
Example You can’t get +5 Berserker on a rogue

Crystal Crafting Restrictions
I couldn’t find it there and wiki. I sold my all items with 4 sockets so if I can I might delete the game :grimacing:

you can add sockets to items with zircons

hello help me! i want to know how to get in floor 300+

look around the Forums at other players builds and advice. the build I used to get up to 800+ had Crushing Blow (Affix or Myth Stone), Crushing Flames (Set), and Demonic (Set) as the core of the build. Dodge 60% also. as the Floors get higher, monsters have an easier time of defeating you with one hit, so Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, Movement Speed, and a few other things help keep you alive as you do damage to the monsters. I did some experimenting with different Skills to figure out what works best with my play style, and I am still experimenting. also figuring out the combinations of affixes and Sets to get good damage against monsters. then there are the Talents. there are a lot of combinations, so it is hard to say which one is best.