Confused 😕


you can add sockets to items with zircons


hello help me! i want to know how to get in floor 300+


look around the Forums at other players builds and advice. the build I used to get up to 800+ had Crushing Blow (Affix or Myth Stone), Crushing Flames (Set), and Demonic (Set) as the core of the build. Dodge 60% also. as the Floors get higher, monsters have an easier time of defeating you with one hit, so Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, Movement Speed, and a few other things help keep you alive as you do damage to the monsters. I did some experimenting with different Skills to figure out what works best with my play style, and I am still experimenting. also figuring out the combinations of affixes and Sets to get good damage against monsters. then there are the Talents. there are a lot of combinations, so it is hard to say which one is best.