guys just ask if this possible to have almost 200k hp at 1k+ dps at the same time?

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Yes specially when your on a banned league, haha, your opponent was reported long time ago, and got banned long time ago hoho,

Banned league?
Hows that possible their toon isnt disable from arena?
And how the thing i went to banned league division?

All players that got banned from legit league wil be transfer on banned league

I dont know maybe they detect that there is something wrong with your account, upload a ss of your leaderboard,

If we confirmed that you really on a banned league even though you dint do any cheat, feel free to email the support team,

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My friend give this toon with lv1 i made it to this far how come did i transfer to banned league or it banned already ?

you’re account has already been banned

Oh i see the account gave to me was already been banned

Can i still use my game after clearing data and creating new toon?

I dunno, uninstalling the game might clear all the data and save files. After that, if successful, just download the app again and you’ll be starting from scratch.

Oh i did cleared my data file on game and starting up again
and how i know im playing at legit one? Any clues?

Only the account got banned, you can just clear the data and start new 1 but thats hard, starting at zero lol, but its always Worth investing time to a legit than to cheat, just register new account,

To check if you’re on a normal account, just check who’s on the top 3 in arena. That’s the best indicator.

Oh yeah 1 was rollingstone
i try to join pvp at lv 6 lol currently magic league

You can view eternal top 3 no matter what league you’re in.

Oh i see so im in legit now?
Its kinda disappointing after a weeks of farming stuffs and i dont even know the toon give to me was banned :(unamused:

Current Top 3.

You could have contacted customer service and had them look into the account to unban it.

It was already hacked. Damage already done.

No problem now i just brought back a new toon after 3 days non stop farming set not really completed i still looking for ragnarok chakram

But heres my toon

wew that was fast :3