Congrats DQ

Look how active the arena. :open_mouth: I was only off for around 3 days and i got this tons of free chest. GL fighting my rogue. Enjoy


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Lol i’ve fought you a ton of time at the start :smiley:

i also did also got you sometimes. :slight_smile: flint user.

Much chest’s im jealous now.

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Be patient dear. You will get this in no time. Just enjoy farming and studying good builds for your account.

that’s weird, you should see a rogue with dagger in 1V1 (and a warrior in 2V2)

yesterday it was rogue flint, today dagger. u must be using flint last time lol.

Hum weird i’ve changed it 3 minutes to test flintlock in pvp, we were arguing on flintlock as testers :slight_smile:
Also someone said he was fighting my wizard in pvp while i never put wiz in pvp, I rather use war and rogues with firedots/bleed dots as they are overpowered
Also discordance is very overpowered but i’ve never took time to make a build of it already :frowning:

Discordance not op lol. it cost extremely alot combination. Discordance alone not making it powerful.

Too bad you’re not a tester, you would see all of the builds w’re testing, w’ve seen a lot of discordance builds even before it was released to you, so basically we do know how “op” it can be.

And it was even more op before, discordance had no CD so we could spamm blinkstrike 10times per seconds, making it imba because of the positionning bug of blinkstrike (would be too long to explain it to you), so it has now a cd of 0,5s.

But still being able to do 50k per guidedshot like w’ve tested weeks ago, for me it’s op, w’re some testers to think discordance would be a “must have” because of the huge power of a single hit which can kill anyone with a single shot, also, add “fire dot” to this hit and “bleed” to this, especially as a rogue with the good talents/mythics, and you can get more than 200k dmg in a sec, that’s the meaning of “op”.

Btw thanks for the tip but I think I know how Discordance works and how to make it viable, but still thanks for the effort :smiley:

Some maths from clogon (not complete) to explain a bit how Discordance can have so much dmg :

Exemple of Guidedshot :
500 base DMG
*10.5 (Discordance Multishot) = 5250
*1.5 (Time Warp) = 7875
*2.4 (Crit + Crit DMG via Dextreous) = 18.9k
*1.375 (Cosmic Power) = 26k
*2 (Deadly Strike) = 52k