Control bug with skills

I has first started playing this game and got to about level 80 using Lance’s with charge/Knight charge but recently I’ve noticed my knight charge sometimes cannot be controlled after casting. It will go in a straight line and leave me uncontrollable for seconds and my effectiveness is gone. I’ve switched to flurry for now but my movement isn’t consistent and I had the same problem with whirlwind.

No external controls, regular control scheme on an Android Z981

Check your Item’s talent. I think its because of Charge Proc on your Talents.

Check Fanaticism affix or talent

Would +4 all champions the problem? I don’t have anything but Orb proc% on my gear


All champions, i think it includes fanaticism (Charge Proc.) Try removing it.

Yes it is

Oh, i just realized my helmet has fanatasism 19 implicit on it. No wonder it seemed so bad LMAO Thanks for the help you guys. Took me forever to find the answer.

I rerolled the “Item Skill” With a Citrine crystal and that fixed the problem. Thanks all you guys for your help :slight_smile:

your welcome mate happy gaming