Control Options

So, the latest update completely rearranged the tool controls and seems to want you to switch to a controler… I don’t want to. I want the old controls back. I want my spells.and abilities on the right and the stick on the left. How do I do this?

Options, right handed or lefthanded,

Yep, tried that. Still does not put my spells on the right hand side of my screen like they use to be. Is it a “Galaxy S6” thing? Or are the spells and abilities permanently on the left now? This determines the keepability of this app for me.

My spells and abilities are on the right, so it can’t be permanent or universal. I’d imagine it’s just a setting that you need to tweak, so double-check them again. Maybe Controller HUD: Auto or Controller HUD: Off.

Hey! You can change it in option -> contols -> click on “left handed”. It should change back to " right handed" again.