Controller HUD huge bug

I started playing about 3 weeks ago. Before I started playing for the first time, I went into options to see what I can customize. Since I play with a controller I selected controller hud. I have been playing with the controller hud enabled for 3 weeks. Yesterday I wanted to try out what it felt like playing with a vstick so I turned off controller hud. When I loaded my map I noticed the load screen was completely different. Instead of seeing the controller buttons during load I actually saw what buffs I have active and non active. There is even an option to watch videos for free boosts!

I can’t believe I missed out on 3 weeks of free boosts and the convenience of knowing what buffs I have active due to this. I’m not sure if this has been reported or not but please look into this.

I am playing on an nvidia shield K1 tablet running marshmallow and the nvidia shield controller.

Hey! Thank you for the detailed bug report. Noted.
Could you take a screenshot of the loading screen, that you usually got (the one without boost) please?

That’s what I see whenever I load into any map using controller HUD.

Thanks a lot :smile: