Controller Issues

So I have been playing this game for a while, way before the latest update so I’ve gotten used to the old 3 button layout next to the v-stick. Is there any way to get that old layout back? I’ve gone into the settings and changed the controller to v-stick, but it doesn’t do anything. I can’t move at all because there’s no joystick (I realize that it’s now tap to move, but that won’t work either). If I could get some help on this it’d be much appreciated.

Over the last few patches we tried to add as many controller options as possible for players and we have complicated it quite a bit. We are in the process of making it better but here is a quick way to get the vstick button layout back.

On the main menu press settings (or pause the game while playing) and press the “Options” button.
On the options page press the “Controller” button at the top.
On this screen you will see an option called “Controller HUD:Auto” press this button until it reads “Controller HUD:Off” and it will restore the vstick and buttons.

NOTE: If you every want to use the controller hud again you will need to set this option back to “AUTO” or “ON”.