Convert all?

Not sure if it’s already been suggested, but if not what about a convert all or salvage all button when using these two menus?

some players having a bug when converting or salvaging a lots of ms cs at once, the bug that it makes everything in the inventory white…
And this is better than in pervious patch that we are converting one by one…

Yes, be careful changing large amounts at one time. I wouldn’t go higher than 99 atm or you could get some nasty side effects.

+1 once bug is fixed

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I don’t even have large amounts that high lol, I’m annoyed at clicking once I ready 10-20 :smiley:

I lost my precious equipped legend pet because of this bug… so be careful!

Khel, I am still trying to catch up after the holidays. Send me an email and mention this post in the subject. Let me know what pet ya had