Convert class crystak

Does the crystal that changes item skills talents etc to another is it consistent at all I.e. mage glove thing go to an axe everytime? Iā€™m the most wasteful person ever so Iā€™d spam it s bunch but just to hard to come by still lol

Yes it is things will always convert too the same weapons :smile:

So the obvious next question :slight_smile: does any1 have those conversions :slight_smile: mostly curious on oh throwing axe = ? For wizard/rogue


You nailed it with what they turn into the a ton would have wasted so much rolling the same thing and other things to see if theynp differ. Like change a lance 5 times to get something different then wand or flint. Im guessing wands and lances never really end up in super high DPS like a chak.?