Converting eternal worth it? Need advice

Do you guys think converting eternal item you barely touch anymore into ultra rare crystal worth it? Or rather just hold onto them?
Here is 3 of them I’m thinking about converting into ultra rare crystal since I need some…

Depends on what build u use…because for me they all look useful for some build like mine, I use the greengarden build and that ring could be useful

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But it looks like u don’t need them anymore so yeah I think u can just convert them for obsivian crystal

Yes I’m planing on enchanting since you cant enchant eternal. I got red legends that outshine them so I’m using them more instead of these.

someone use my build, is it complete build.? how the damage it deal?

It wasn’t a full build just had parts to it. Didn’t know it was a build untill I saw your post.

For me I’ll convert it.

  1. To save stash space
  2. I think you need the crystal more than the eternal equip

But when converting you always think I might use this xD

For me Item progression is legend -> eternal legend -> crafting your gear.
Eternal Legend isn’t flexible.
If I use a eternal equip I compensate affix on other equips.

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Hey cronos, I guess this is a wrong place to say this but it works great on my warrior with TAUNT skill as a main attack, I will upload a video of it soon on youtube :slight_smile:

that nice tho. and its really work wonder with taunt.

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forgot to tell u this. for OH i advice get trap oh (rogue) or skull oh (wiz) jasper to horn. special make it taunt. and create mythic skill vanish. crystal affix try fit it with greengarden theme… epic affix ofcoz u need +5000 poison on it. make equlavent on your armor. make mythic skill harmony on head. use prayer talent on necklace. stack your hp around 500k hp/mp. and spam sprint, with prayer heal 20% hp =100k heal. harmony heal vice verse of heal by 25% of vice part mean u heal 25k mp. unlimited hp/mp spamable with equivalent at full hp/mp reduce 50% damage of hp/mp equivalent and reduce cost by 50% (this will be like permanant since ur hp/mp will always like full). and u become immortal up to 900-1000+ floor with this.

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Wow that’s cool