Converting stash eq

So I just converted 2 eternal pieces of eq for the crystals and 1 piece of blue highlighted eq that big had in a stash. I did not get the crystals from this. Paid 1.5m to do this but did not receive crystals. Checked all my bags and stashes and nothing. Possible solutions?

Happens to me too sometimes but I don’t bother because I convert like 200+ legends and 20+ eternals and light blue affix eq everyday :stuck_out_tongue: but sure would be great if someone could look into it :confused:

Hey! Thanks for the bug report. Do you have Premium stashes? Was your inventory/bags full?

No premium stashes, and I have at least 2 free bags on the character that did the converting.

I see… The best would be to contact the support including your DQ-Account. I am sure they will help you: