Cooldown From Hero PTS

What do +x% cooldown on skills after use hero points because it isnt reduce

Haha, that is really confusing, my rogue heroic skill point, added to dexterity that said “+6% cooldown” (not max lv yet), but when i test with my skill before and after, i confirm that it help reduce my cooldown, which mean i can cast again faster.

At the same time, the smokebomb and mirrorimage said “-1% cooldown” per lv increase, so does it mean if i add point to smokebomb or mirrorimage, it increase my cooldown? which make me to slower cast my skill?? It seem like not so logic, max lv 20% is not small amount.

You have two types of cooldown :

  • Skill cooldown (which is applied exclusivly on the skill)
  • Global cooldown

So if you’re putting your points into a skill with CDR (meteor for exemple), it obviously won’t decrease mirrorimage CD…