As a retired nurse I do not know how bad it will be. But stay safe. That’s all. Looking forward to the update and hopefully new ideas :sunglasses:


last week, newspapers :newspaper: were quoting officials saying not to worry, and today the headlines are screaming (well, in big, bold, type) that it’s looking bad and looks to get worse before it gets better.

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I last had a flu in 1997. Seasonal flu kills many but no countries go on lockdown. I never caught swine flu but my friends did. Part of me wonders if this truly a pandemic and the other part wonders if it’s an excuse for austerity due to the impact on global markets ( so they say )?

well, there are people dying from Coronavirus, just not sure how many. but it sure is spreading and making people sick.

1 Like Read this @Golem. While the yearly death toll from seasonal flu far exceeds the toll of this coronvirus strain. The new virus is an unpredictable entity because it’s a new mutation. . So nobody can be immune to its because they would never have contracted it before and have built up an immune defence. So it is a wild card.

hmm, I haven’t read much on it…is it a strain of flu? or another virus altogether?

No the coronvirus has been global for years and is one of the many common viruses that cause devastating seasonal flu for the eldest while everybody else feels shit and sneeze for a few days. Those that get over it become immune. But this is a genetic mutation of the virus so our immune systems will not fight it because our immune systems do not recognise it as a threat and create the specific antibodies to kill it until we have recovered from it once. Immune response requires that you get exposure and recover and then your body creates little white cell warriors trained to look out and destroy the same bacteria or virus if ever encountered again. Unfortunately people who are elderly, HIV, on chemotherapy have compromised immune systems and so they can’t fight it off.

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thanks. I also just now Google for info. also noticed WHO declared Pandemic. looks like, after testing for the virus ramps up (in the U.S. at least), more info is going to show some bad news. I am sure it isn’t going to look good for anyone anywhere, either.

difficult times ahead. :pray: :microscope: :hospital:

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I’m not worried. In 1918 there was a pandemic that killed more people than in world war one. Strangely enough world war one ended in 1918 and the flu toll was shattering It’s my honest belief that this is why the war was ended :thinking:. I work in a food court in Manchester with thousands of visitors per day eating kfc chicken out of buckets with their hands and throwing the bones everywhere. I should be worried but what’s the point ? I suspect a few countries will be put on lockdown for a month but it’s a minor inconvenience.

Here in the UK there is talk of rationing because selfish shoppers have been hoarding up. The most hoarded item is toilet paper ??? Lol! And what ,pray tell me , can you do with hundreds of toilet rolls ? Actually don’t answer that ! :joy::joy:

maybe they think they will be running at both ends… :face_vomiting: :poop: , sorry for the visual.

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my public access Wi-Fi will be shutting down for a few weeks because of health concerns to the public, so I wont be posting after tomorrow until early April, unless things get worse, then I will be gone for a little longer.

hoping for a cure to be found soon for the Coronavirus. will be keeping us all in prayer.


You should be fine @Golem. I think the UK will go in shutdown mode very soon. Hear from you after it all has passed but I sense everyone will be different people after.

NCOV is comming on my country phillipines.:cry:


NCOV19 DQPlayer and DQModerator DQAdmin more people are affected so stay safe everyone.
God please help all people affected with NCOV19.


Stay safe everyone.:cry:


just read that the experts are saying maybe up to 6 months, maybe longer, before the outbreak turns around. they are hoping for it to be earlier, but they are still doing the research to understand it better, and of course, there are disagreements between experts.

I think as long as no one panics, it can only get so bad before it gets better, panic only makes things worse.

we can only do our best to take precautions to not get sick, and trust in those whose job it is to keep us safe. and praying can’t make things worse, but may help make things better.

looking forward to the Covid 19 Cure Patch 1.0, or a miracle, whichever comes first.


To become immune to this infection can only happen once you have been exposed to it and survived. Preferable option is that you receive a deactivated form via a flu vaccine ( I’m pretty sure one will appear soon) . Even if you catch it through transmission then most people will only suffer mild symptoms. However you will be contagious and infants the elderly and immune compromised people you meet will fair less well. So the general idea is to prolong contracting the flu until a vaccine is available for the vulnerable groups or until summer when people tend to be less inclined to stay in confined enclosures. They will find a vaccine. Happens every year. Just stay safe for now.

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New Event: Enchanced Community Quarantine
Duration: Until April 12