Cosmetic and Customization Suggestions

Just throwing ideas out there

  1. Different looking weapons and armor to be more specific i mean different looking than just color.

  2. Please no more pink arcane weapons

  3. Mythic mobs?

  4. Quest?

  5. Better drop rates for bosses. Diablo is is more boss farming for gear.

  6. Last but not least UBERS!!! incorporate a torch like item +3 to all skill sets talents. Then 3 items you have to have 2 of to convert(Nixes eye Angus brain and Ignis’s heart. You open all of them on the same floor and u will receive a crystal map(ubers) where u fight uber nix uber Angus and uber ignis uber ignis will drop the charm!

Hope u will take my suggestions into consideration! Thank You!

  1. +1
  2. +1
  3. Killing 10 legend enemy will spawn a mythic one.
  4. Currently, there are no quests, but you can consider feats as quests.

I never really thought of feats as quest but I guess u could look at them that way