Cosmic orb lance

Just wanna report A bug about the lance that I crafted. Its a ledierer’s lance crafted to cosmic orb mythic .

As you can see it named as enigma lance…
I chose that lance because of the crystal affix. :smile:

lol @johnstah ur very unlucky :stuck_out_tongue: u’ve been facing lots of bugs lately other players may assume u as cheater if dey see the name of that lance.

lucky u finding that lance so fast :smiley:

@roykiyoy yeah… Been farming since you told that it can’t be rolled via obsi .
Maybe you can try if u well encounter this kind of bug. :smile:

@johnstah it seems like the bug only affect warrior gears :smile:

@roykiyoy aw… Hope it well be fixed.

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you sure are lucky to have a block and armor with perfect roll

I droped 3 Leierer’s yesterday, trying to get the crystal one… Even droped a Legendary Slime… But nothing on the lance, :’(

@LuiiS if u dont have luck on lance try farmin the inferno hat… der is armor too and ringg (dont know if the ring still exist i got one b4 w/ block afix)

@roykiyoy I was farming a nadroji’s set to make Nadroji, Cristalline and Eternal +(5) on my farmer… Now with 850% luck, all farming green affix on +5 and 300% shrines… Things 'll maybe go foward. I’m still thinking if worth go to 4th ascencion, considering that i don’t use Dealer neither Hunter(use ring)…

Thanks 4 report!