Could an update be considered to prevent burn in like how Always on Display slowly moves?

I had to send my phone in for warranty repair cause I got burn in from the dungeon quest static on screen controls/health/mana bars. Obviously this has nothing to do with Dungeon Quest in a bad way, it just means I played it 5 hours a day. Now I sometimes have to play on my computer with a console controller.

Obviously this isn’t just dungeon quest, but any app/game that has static images that don’t change on the screen. Just like Samsung’s Always on Display, the static images should move a tiny bit, pixel by pixel to avoid burn in.

What’s crazy is the burn in happened in 2 months time of playing Dungeon Quest sometimes 5 hours a day. I get that this isn’t normal usage, but I know some of us are hardcore players. I don’t know how hard it would be to do an update like this, but it would be cool if it was considered.

And again, I’m not disparaging Dungeon Quest, this game is the tits, but I just wish games with static images would consider having them move around ever so slightly to avoid burn in. Believe me, when I saw people claim they had burn in, I laughed it off thinking they must have done something stupid, that there’s no way it could happen unless they goofed pretty bad…but then alas, it happened to me.

I know people are going to read this and think the same thing I did, that it can’t happen to you. And one more quick thing, burn in doesn’t always have to do with leaving a static image on the screen for 8 hours at a time. For instance, if I left a static image up for 8 hours, that would be the same as leaving the image up for 1 hour each day for 8 straight days, get it?

If this makes DQ look bad and mods want to delete this post, that’s totally fine I don’t mind, just thought I’d share my thoughts. And I do understand that it might be difficult because with the health/mana bar, hireling mana/health bar, and the on screen controls, that’s a lot of screen real estate so it might not be feasible.

hmm. weird. i cant say you’re wrong, i’ve seen screen burn all to often, but never on modern hardware.

just pointing out i play prolly even more hours on avg, on a s6, galaxy tab, and nvidia console, and havent had any issues. that sucks dude.

curious, what device you use?

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Galaxy S7. And believe me, I was exactly like you until it happened to me. And upon further research, it’s apparently a lot more common than you’d think. I spoke with several tech shop owners who say they see it all the time on the S7/S8.

Obviously it’s not something Samsung would want people to know about, because it is indeed a rare issue. When I called in to get it repaired, Samsung wouldn’t even talk about it with me. The rep simply said that burn in isn’t an issue on these phones, and it’s not my fault.

I tried telling him that I used a specific app quite a bit and that’s what did it. Then I tried asking him him common it was yada yada, but he shut me down and ignored it and just said they would replace it free of charge.

But ya, do some research if ya want :slight_smile:

interesting. well glad you got replacement :slight_smile:

I really haven’t seen this burn in issue in ever but maybe I am lucky. I use filter apps alot and use the phone so much in any situation, including DQ. I used blue light filtering apps that are supposedly meant to increase chances of burn in on AMOLED screens but I’ve used for a year and still not burn in issue yet. Maybe I’ll get it next year.

On older hardware , still no burn in but maybe I might have been missing something to cause it.

It sounds like something quite rare to happen on these phones but good on you for getting a replacement and good luck with the newer phone.

My phones basically trash but it hasn’t burnt or anything else like that. Maybe you just bought a phone that had a factory defect. But still dq is a little bit heavy on some devices. I get your point here

Trash? What phone is it? I would call my S6 battery terrible but the hardware very fast.

Also yeah dq is pretty intense sometimes in packsize but yeah. Also I may get the S5 rather than S6 simply because I prefer how it is . Better battery also. Maybe hardware might be less powerful but only marginally or some % but not a big deal and I’m the type to root and custom roms. 2GB ram rather than 3 maybe downside but I always manage.

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We are a fully 3d rendered game so DQ will use a gpu if it is supported/available on a device. This means much heavier battery usage. Combine that with maxed out everything (shadows, screen shake, damage numbers) and huge pack size on some maps and you will see increased power consumption on your device.

As a big take away we had (or in basic terms “mistakes we learned from”) from DQ was to provide as many options as possible to the player for their device settings.

While our hands were/are tied on some of these due to the engine tech DQ uses, we did manage to add options for shadow quality when we introduced those.

Going forward we have planned to put the decision in the players hands when it comes to performance settings for their device.

We hope to expose as many configurable options as possible to let players tweak their game play performance and in turn their game play experience.

Hopefully we are able to do this better on future projects!

(If you have an older device, turn off shadows, turn on low fx mode, turn off screen shake, health bars, and all damage number displays. This is the lowest performance impact version of DQ you can make.)