Could you give me some tips

I started playing the game again just to for the sake of it, without any goal whatsoever, but then I reached the point where I’m at level 69 on the 90th floor. I thought I was doing good seeing I could get a critical of 1M from time to time. So there I was slightly confident that I know what I was doing when I searched the internet about Dungeon Quest and saw people are talking about mythics, reaching 200th floor, etc. Seeing as how most of you guys are doing SO MUCH better made me think that I can do better as well.

So could you guys tell me the things I need to know (i.e. tell me about the hunter ring, the link to the recipes, farming items/sets, items/sets, how do I get these items and anything else that you think I should know). Your replies are very much appreciated.

PS. I already played twice. First, when there was only a wizard to play with. Second, I came back and saw you can have more than 1 character and tried the warrior. This is the third time I’m playing it. I’m digging the rogue character. Nice addition.

almost all the the info in forum, u just need to search.