Couple of questions about game mechanics

  1. What exactly does the Power affix do?
  2. What is the max Talent stat on each piece of equipment (and does it depend on ILVL?)
  3. Does the Talent and/or amount of the Talent stat change when I reroll an item?
  4. Do the Crit Chance, Crit Damage, HP/MP Leech on the Off Hand weapon affect attacks made with the Main Hand weapon?

[ul][li]Works just like power stat does, adds straight damage[/li]
[li]20 is the soft cap on talents, however legends and epic affixes can bring that number higher[/li]
[li]Talents as the item spell will be dependent on item level, talents as affixes are depending on affix roll, capped at item level.[/li]


New question, how does Magnify work exactly?

Does it increase the AoE or the range of the AoE projectile? On the stat page the Increased AoE stat doesnโ€™t change if I equip the item with Magnify or not. And it still looks like my AoEโ€™s (Alternate Wand Attack, and both Orb Attacks) are still the same size.

It increases the radius of explosions specifically. Unfortunately it doesnโ€™t increase the visual size of the explosion yet, and weโ€™ll look at why its not showing up for you on the stat page. To give this stat more use, we may start applying it to Storm as well, since that totally makes sense.

I was wondering if magnify is any good for orb? or is it only good with storm?

Hi there please refrain from necroposting :smile: and please use the question thread for little questions like this :smiley: (here: The Question Thread) however too answer your question magnify is /very/ good with orb :grin:

sorry I did not see the date :smiley: