Couple of questions

  1. Does asencion work for all characters? I mean does it work for hirelings? I current have dealer, accomplish and the one for eternal and crystal drop. If i ascend my hireling and get the +200 luck. Will that add to my main char as well? I saw the adventure tab of my hireling and does have the +300 crystal and enternal asenscion even though it wasn’t ascend yet.

  2. Does hireling needs nadroji crystalline and eternalized? Will that work?


  1. The only ascension that will take effect on your hireling is Dealer. The rest only matter if your main character has them.

  2. Nadroji/Crystalline/Eternalized/Mythical only work on your main. This is why a common setup is a tanky main with all the loot affixes (see chronos’s Fortune Bringer build) and a high-dps hireling to kill everything.

Thanks. I dont think dealer is working for hireling. It doesn’t give me 1000% price when selling items with my hireling

To be clear, Dealer on your main doesn’t affect selling on your hireling. If you have Dealer on your hireling, anything sold from him will get the bonus. With Dealer only on your main, then only things sold on the main get the bonus.

No other ascension on the hireling character has any effect on the game.

Thanks! So, I need to ascend my main again for that 200% luck hahaha