Crafting eternal items + hireling option

i hope we could finally edit our eternal items just like we could craft our pets now in 3.0 and please add an option where we could let hirelings be in front of you instead of just staying on your back

1st suggestion: that would be too OP.
2nd suggestion: you mean hireling going all around the map and defeating all monsters and main just stay back? Because its not possible for a hireling leading you unless the system controls it. But by the whats the fun in that?.

Hehehe but if you mean something else please do tell
(Sorry if i seem rude heheh)

That’s exactly what my farm build is like lol. I still have to move though but Hirling leads in its attacks . My fortune bringer warrior doesn’t attack on its own well so that’s why and because I’m lazy farmer.

Good AI settings helps . In PvP , you can even have 2nd player do some or all the work if you like. I managed to actually do that one time.


What i mean is that the hireling will lead you on where to go. Also my hireling does all the attack for me and i take care of picking up and destroying destructibles. Pretty muck like yours

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lol of course thats not what i meant. i just want my hireling to stay in front of me just like what mirror image does

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Ohw thats pretty cool too! :blush: hahaha