Crafting legend items

I’m quite noob and did not see the answer of my question yet (if it was already answered, please forgive me :slight_smile: )
So imagine i got a cataclysm ring, and i want to remove eathshatter and replace it with Mirror, tornado or storm.
How do i do that?
I know how to remove a red affix, but how to Add a red affix, is it possible?
And if it is possible, do we have a choice (picking one between 6 random), or is it totally random?
If a choice is allowed, do we pick up with affix linked to the item (so for my example, only choice between tornado, orb, storm and earthshatter) or do we have everything possible??

  1. If you meant affix proc, yes you can change it to other affixes. Use Kyanite crystal to remove it, then add a random legend affix using Ruby crystal. (there’s a chance other proc affixes will appear on the list)
  2. Ruby Crystal. (
  3. Yes, from 6.
  4. From a general affix list with chances of class(War,Wiz,Rog) exclusive affixes. (

Most of your questions can be answered from the wiki, make sure you check there first or on the forums next time.


Thanks a lot

I just checked out and unfortunately, ruby cannot be applied to legends items !
Do you mean it’s another crystal? or do i have the wrong version of the game??
By now, i’m unable to change a red affix from a legend item.

Is it a bug we can’t reroll red affix? red affix are still affix? why can’t i select them with the “Fluorite” Cristal?

Fluorite/sapphire only work on normals/epic affix.

You need to make space first, remove an unwanted affix using Kyanite, before adding Ruby.


Well, are you sure?
ingame description says “-1 for normal … -1 for rare” and that’s all.
no mention to “-1 for legend”

I would not want to waste an useful red affix, so i’m sorry to ask you but are you 100% sure?

game description is wrong?
[EDIT] this works fine !! the ingame description is incorrect, you were right thanks

The -1 mean that it only cost 1 crystal to use on normal-legends.