Crafting question?

Hi i am new. The crystal affix can be removed?

Quart crystal , but very not recommended

I prefer doing salvage or convert for compensation

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I am crafting a weapon and use obsidian, dont guet the affix i want, but the weapon have a legend affix that i want to keep and the set affix to, what can i do. Thank you.

One thing I could suggest next time you decide to add Obsidian on your gears is that:

  1. Check your gears if it doesnt have the Affix you want to appear as Crystal version.(if you have Epic Affix Crit Chance on your gear. Its crystal affix version will not appear on the list when obsidian is applied.
  2. Once #1 is done, apply Obsidian and check for the desired affix from a random selection. If you dont see any suitable affix for your build. DO NOT PICK ANY OF THEM and force close the game(DQ).

This will prevent the obsidian from adding hard-to-remove crystal affix on your gear. This will cost you obsidian per try but thats the price to pay to have hyper optimized builds.

Hope this helps!


Use obsidian look like gacha , if dont guest affix , you must relog in

Well you must have 5/6 obsidian