Can you roll this affix using rubies?
I’ve have wasted a serious amount of them trying to roll the affix, so I’m starting to wonder:)

Thinking it through, I’m thinking no, as items with the affix are quite sought for… So yet again the conclusion is that I’m a moron that need to farm A LOT to compensate for my idiocy:p

Drop only, you cannot roll legend ED%.

That’s the conclusion I reached.
Would wish I had reached that conclusion after 5 rubies, instead of 15. R. I. P. my red sweeties:p

(Thnx for the answer) :wink:

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It’s so easy to do that. I tried one time to roll “fear process”. After about 15 Rubys, I checked and that affix did not exist. :joy:

Lol… Yeh!
Probably won’t be the last time I do something similar, given my track record so far:p

You can roll legend affix using diamond all affix even the epic affix will

use Diamond it can reroll all affix