Crash at floor 19

The game runs perfect until I complete floor 18. As soon as floor 19 loads it crashes and restarts my phone. Sometimes even while it’s loading the floor. I’ve tried clearing up ram, reinstalling, even factory reset on my phone all with the same result. I can go back and play any floor below without a problem. help somebody. I have a galaxy S.

Do you have root access to your phone by chance?

Which version of the Galaxy S? If you go into settings, application manager, and open Dungeon Quest, which version does it show? Did you get it from Google Play or Amazon Apps?

You also might try emailing with your email address. Have you signed up for a DQ Account within the app? If so, upload while in floor 18 so you have a backup of your character. This may also give support something they can look at as well.

I play on Android and do not experience the issue, which I realize is not terribly helpful information.