Crit chance so good

in fixing my Ascension build, I lost my 60% crit chance. it went down to 15%. I ended up dying more than the monsters. so I worked for days with hardly no crystals to get back to 60% crit chance, and now the monsters are dying again. 350% crit damage with 60% deadly strike and Brutal are not very good with only 15% crit chance.

Lol uh huh

Speaking of 15%… if you get 15% more, 75% crit chance is like… well… Lilith :slight_smile:

The 6 Quests in my build don’t leave much room for Epiphany. After Perk 6, my Ascension build will become a temporary Farming build.

Ahhh. Leveling up. Right

Yep crit DMG is so good. It’s the biggest part of an end game build and in almost every build PvE wise. 350% crit allows for your crit to deal ×3.5 more DMG than normal . Well actually it’s 400% if you count the actual internal 50% base crit DMG you don’t see.

Then if we found deadly strike , it becomes 700% the normal DMG. Brutal makes it 1050% the normal DMG.

Poison build , Frozen build and any build makes great use of the 45% crit chance to deal 350% or more DMG than normal and combined with Weaken 100%+ and many other affixes and you can see why it’s so good

Good for end game floor build, farming, exp farm, etc.

Although PvP it’s not a must have but it is still powerful but in PvE, it’s just something you couldn’t ignore.