Critical stat question


What is the damage of critical hits?

I know critical based its damage from critical damage,but what if I dont have any crit damage at all? Does my critical attacks does only full base damage at 100%


With no critical damage affixes or natures, your damage will be x1.5 for a critical strike. That means if your base damage is 10000 then your critical strike will be 15000.


Very thanks for the answer…I think the dictionary shall be more detailed in the next patch.

So the damage of criticals hits would be like this
Critical strike 1.5 x n(critical damage)

Deadly strike 3 x n(critical dmg)
Deadly strike (Brutal mythic) 4 x n(critical dmg)


Base damage 100%, base crit damage 50%, so u have 150% damage when crit ( w/o extra crit damage boost).
Deadly Strike x2 crit damage so 150% crit damage become 300%.
With Brutal the crit damage is x3 instead of x2, so 300% become 450%.


So brutal mythic is really a must since I have two piece of 225 crit dmg on my set. Whoaw! that would be astounding 450 more crit damage for me with brutal. 450crit dmg x 4.5 brutal deadly strike


Remember that additional crit damage have capped at 350% w/o Epiphany Set affix, even with Epiphany(5) the cap is only 425%, so 2x225% crit damage will be a waste of slot :smile:


I have ephipany hat on my rogue and I used nadroji (ring)bonus set number and add a zenith mythstone.

my current epiphany set is +5 = my max CDI is 437% because 350cdi x 1.25 we got 437 for max CDI


My rogue always strikes like tazmania while im using knightscharge on my chakram


Oh, my Rogue use Whirling Blades mainly. Damage output around 500M-50B. Not play much now so her stay at floor 120 I guess :smile:


frozen set for sure 50b dmg haha…no other set for billion dmg…


plagued and crushing flames


Chakram so OP xD. Especially with periphery. Now to make mirror image Op with it.

Mirror image I sadly can’t get similar insane DMG as my MH chakram but it’s fun using mirror images and stuff. Then again, it can still get somewhat reasonable Oh% after many buffs.

That discordance chakram orb build was very OP and I learnt from that to test out pure chakram and testing attack speed to see how it affected CD and I wasn’t disappointed to say the least.


I like the discordance mythic for fast cast skills but the thing I dont like in making mythics is you will remove and sacrifice 4 affixes into your desired item e.g Demonic Affixes that I always retain the double strike and say goodbye to the other affixes since some affixes cannot be attained via ruby


Discordance chakram(whirling blades) is not reliable on m3 unique mobs spawned on shrines. Typically its a farming item. Knightscharge is the best for taking down unique mobs because of fast dps dmg


Usually, most items have 1-2 affixes which can’t be crafted or are really useful. So there is always a room for using Mythics.


Yes but I still want a mythic on my demonic items but I want to retain both DoubleStrike and hyperarmor which isnt possible. Im using relentless talent and demonic so I can make mobs explode faster with frozen set.


But I wouldn’t use discordance for chakram. Only for chakram orb. Not pure chakram. Pure chakram actually is better without Discordance so that it can be affected by MA and EAC (Multi Attack and Extra Attack).

Also less mana costing and spamming chakram already uses a ton of mana. It’s very OP though given the right build.

Can get way more MH% than my discordance orb (mainly because orb no longer projectile but also because 2 of the same chakram at rapid speed and whirling blade through periphery.

However whirling blades skill in general just seems to suck regardless of what you do. The only way to really make use was by Periphery Set and fast chakram, even with or without discordance for eg. Periphery Whirling Blades is more Powerful anyway.


Demonic can be crafted using amethyst.


Ooh ok thanks…The amethyst faq maybe I didnt notice the demonic set affix


Yeah if u use Boomerang, Discordance is pretty useless since it make Bm’s CD a LOT, and the damage drop like hell !
Spawn WBlade is strong but it’s too small :sweat_smile: