Critical Thinking and Brain Storming

As I noticed many player ask for what is the best build? For me all build is the best , You can look for the build of other and get an idea to make a new one cause your own build is the best, always do trial and error on pvp not on dummy use critical thinking and brain storming it is not only a game if you want to be strong use your mind on how to counter their build.

Hhaha sorry for my english!


Couldn’t agree more. Word up!

Honestly im 1 of those player whos seeking for idea/guidelines and sometimes build. Thats why im hir in this forum . to help others and so others help me too . thanks to this community . i c my self improving .

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Just like me before when Im only starting to play this game I thought it was only about finishing the dungeon and hunting items but when I try to play arena and go to this forumn everything change everything for me is new so I explore, building set for farming and pvp and start reading Codex most important thing before you try building your own set.

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Hehe sounds u already kill the game. Nice. Hands down. About pvp bro. There is no unstopable ai build . blame it on stun resistant. :joy: but i have godlike playstyle :parrotbeer:

I wholeheartedly agree!

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Haha no Im still exploring this game, I alwys looking forward for more improvements hhaha

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Hahahahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats great too because i myself build my own build but its great to have some people guide you and help you understand more :blush::blush:

I sure agree on that.