Crono Gift [ PvE Build] Hachimon -Warrior-

Secret~ :wink:

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Hit me please. I wanna know. Coz i got 1 char only.

Crystal Block on a ring? For some reason I thought crystal block affix could only be crafted on OH.

it will remain secret until i decide to post it. sorry


use glinting hammer. farm on ice map until u get crystal legend frost raven ring with crystal affix block. that how u can get it.

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Wow. Well done. Max roll too. Bravo.

Ahh okay ill jusy wait for it.

just max the item quality first then reroll the important affix. and after that add legend affix. if it not perfect rolled remove it back ans try get it again and max rolled. doing this will cost extremely alot ruby. so prepare alot of it.

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do harmony works on energy?

harmony is resource heal mythic.
energy ia resource system mythic.

it work. loom vid back. if u look on my toon carefully. i always use sprint. prayer talent heal 20% Hp each time i use OH skill. harmony will heal counterpath resource by 25% amount i heal on Hp. if u focus on my toon. it always have blue text appear on his head (kind of like mp healed) and if u look at my resource (energy pool) it drop lil bit then heal back. even if it use special u can see the different of how much it consume. and when i start sprint back. it increased back very fast.

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Very nice build! I am just wondering…
Would it be more powerful if i change the Legendary ed% on Mainhand to wd%?

WD more specific to spammer. if i could get legend affix +%WD on my horn i will replace that +%ED. and since i rarely use MH, +%ED is much better since it effect OH damage too

Thanks for this build sir .im gonna make this build

okay got it, at first i thought this build is mainly using MH

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Sir do you have any idea what nice build for rouge ?

there alot guide posted here, and today u just got another guide lol. guide should give u enough idea what good for certain build and what not good for certain build. u can mix those idea from the guide and try make it on your own. just asking like that will not help u ar all.

What nature do you use?

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all elements

Added to Build compendium. Nice guide!


Oh why all elements? Plus 5% elemental damge.

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