Crono Gift [ PvE Build] Hachimon -Warrior-

Just like green garden, this hachimon also is full element build, speed is warrior specialist being fast while mobs slower and run while they chase is what make warrior is the best for it.

Defiant - ignore that damage taken reduced. Perma +25% damage is what I want.
Momentum - extreme fast moving build. This must have.
PermaFrost - ice build without it.? Lol
Frozen - Festival.!!!
Rage - u will want cap your crit damage don’t u.?
Vampiric touch - Nothing special. Using it for affix in it only.

Arc - beam mobs and freeze them in advance before ramp them.

Nova - being able to move fast, dodging attack is not big problem. Freezing serounding mobs while moving. Great combo to lock and make them receive *7 sprint damage. Op.!

Brutal - *3 crit damage. Super spike. Haha

Harmony - with prayer. Energy always 100% = always deal massive damage. Easy combination.

Energy - no worries of MP. Extra damage. Marvelous.

Senctuary - backup.

Crystal affix.
Crit chance, crit damage, *2 deadly strike, dodge, block.
**Can change 1 deadly to crushing blow.

Legend affix (a MUST)
*3 +100% ED
*6 +100% Element Crit damage
*1 +30% Element crit chance
*1 +50% glasscannon
*2 +15% Movement speed
*1 ignore resist

Epic affix u need only +5000WD on both MH&OH. The rest is up to what u want.

Might - more element damage.
Phalax- cap block affix.
Zealous - more speed and damage.
Prayer - Perfect combination for harmony+energy.

Stat :299 in power.
Heroic: [20] sprint, [20] sword throw, [20] Dexterity.

*** Sorry I don’t really know how to make proper guide. So below is a link for the footage for the gameplay. And another sorry for the very very low quality. That the only way I can do right now since my phone are not rooted and outdated.



awesome build!!! :smiley:

Thanks and anyway its 100% same build I uwe on vid so no worries. Haha

that numbers !!!

Yeah that number. Quadrillion. Haha



@darellleyesa heres the build that you and cronos arguing :smiley:

Now that you have more 100% elem damage the damage can grow unimaginably.

i already got head part with legend affix +%ED. i gonna hunt for more for backup if i fail to get crystal affix crit chance lol. and yeah ring necklace now also have legend affix +%ED. gonna blow that campaign mode again. target damage septellion. lol

and with the new patch. Twister is the answer to high floors ^^

for safety yes it will be nice. i mean VERY NICE. muehehehe

So u made them all yourself or u used items that already had 100% Ice Dmg etc ? like Nadroji Robe ?

nadroji insolence and frozen fate.

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and ofcoz i made them all lol. for MH OH and Armor i use item ive mention above.

Sure you made them yourself … just wanted to know if u used some items were already some of this 50-100% were on …
Didnt express myself there well enough i guess xD

maybe because the item name changed due to mythic skill make u confuse what item i use as a base. but that MH OH and Armor is obviously are from rare legend. if u play more and understand more, u wont ask where i got that legend affix +%ED lol.

No i just know nadroji so i wanted to know the others since i try a toss build with frezze…

that why i said. if u play more u will not ask where those legend affix +%Ed coming from.

Damn i got a SS of it. Btw cant wait for fire build.

Is your upcoming fire build is for rogue?