Crono unfinished work

12 item (wiz and war) already have required crystal affix and mythic skill fit for PvP, unfinished. Only if I have 30-40 amethyst and 60-70 ruby, it can be done. The struggle is real. T,T

8 item below is Lohko complete ver. And some part of Aphrodite. (Wanna peek? Lol jk)

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I feel you . I only pick up 1 amethyst so far…
Still gotta get the rage affix it will boost my damg up.

I got 7 eternal junk now, but scared to convert lol.

Lol why… I got a total of 23 eternal/crystal…
I got some super rare eternals/crystals with good cs affix on it. So its hard to decide what to do.
And my red legends been giving me jaspers…:’(

same lol.

That feel when you dont have to worry about the amount of crystals, cause you know exactly how many you will need XD. FeelsGoodMan

that amount 40 and 70 is estimate lol