Cronos recompose macon build

S.Affix: Momentum
C.Affix: Crit Chance
L.Affix: +WD %
L.Affix: Blistering
E.Affix: +ED
E.Affix: +WD
*Element will be fire, I notice that u dont have any kind of heal source, so this fire base will be your first step setup for getting heal.

S.Affix: Cosmic Power
C.Affix: Crushing Blow
L.Affix: +ED%
L.Affix: Glasscannon
E.Affix: +WD
E.Affix: +WD%
*This also Fire element, bcoz global effect of L.Affix +ED%. u need this to support MH +ED affix.

M.Affix: Skilled
C.Affix: Attack Speed
L.Affix: +ED%
L.Affix: TimeWarp Proc
L.Affix: Movespeed
E.Affix: +ED
*Again Fire Element, U need to support MH Element damage. 2 +ED and 2 L.Affix +ED% = 30k Fire Damage.

M.Affix: Energy
S.Affix: Vampiric Touch
C.Affix: Crit Damage
L.Affix: Movespeed
L.Affix: TimeWarp Proc
L.Affix: High Voltage
*Element Shock, i prefer talent stagger, Stun enemy and your high Voltage effect trigger. also vampiric touch set. Second Step for healing Source.

S.Affix: Rage
C.Affix: Deadly Strike
L.Affix: High voltage
L.Affix: Ignore resist
L.Affix: Element Crit
L.Affix: MultiAttack
*Element shock. From Head pieces and this high voltage =200% High Voltage. stunned monster take 100% Original attack + 200% high voltage = ×3 damage. For Element crit, this is global effect depanding on Attack element. Since On MH setup, u have blistering. it cause bleed too and will heal u due to Vampiric touch effect, Btw only 1 L.Affix element crit needed. coz element crit cap is 40. L.Affix element crit perfect roll is 30. Blistering+Element crit perfect roll (30)= Fire DoT, Bleed DoT.

M.Affix: Empyrean/Sentuary
S.Affix: Advanture
L.Affix: +2 Set Number
L.Affix: Movespeed
Slot: +2 set number
Slot: MultiAttack
*For this element, it depend on u. For mythic skill it depend on what u want. more power or more heal. If u want power, it will be = Fire DoT + Bleed DoT + 50% damage = Massive Spike if monster happen to be stunned ×3 damage. Or if u want heal u can go with sentuary coz vampiric heal only 1% for each bleed apply. u can make vampiric heal is for support maintain yoir hp when u attack moster with thorn. and sentuary come in play when u recieve deadly blow. Your talent i suggest u go with Ambush coz your Oh have +WD and +WD%. that trap can help poke those monster.

Note: This is just my idea tho. u can use this or the one ocenyx suggest, or if u can combine this idea with the other idea u have or got. 2 elixer removed from Armor and Head piece. U can keep that for craft other build or give me lolololol.



@cronos4321 Yay! Thanks a lot.
Do you have other suggestions about glasscannon? I think i should just drop that one.

Nothing to be excited lol ‘yay’… Its up to u, if u can running around without being hitted. U can go with 100% glasscannon. Or just leave it just like that. If u want remove then u need to think about global effect. Element or multiplying