Cronos Theory of CS & MS drop rarity (Feel Free to drop your theory as well)

So here it is.

I grinding on floor 50+
Common drop of MS & CS
Jasper topaz Amber and so on. above than jasper never drop yet. (all these drop are without heroic fortune & item drop affix [lagend] and without shrine buff of luck and drop)
Should i consider this as
Self Luck.?

MS common drop
flight rebirth fortune quest and so on. above flight. never drop yet. and all these are same (explaination about CS without all the buff & affix thing)

Again. self luck.? or these are hard work.? but didt u guys notice that MS & CS on low floor drop a lot than above 200+ floor.? plus dont tell me. on floor 50+ kill more drop more. actually i do the same on floor 400 since that the max floor i can kill everything extremely fast. but then compare CS & MS drop from floor 50+. these drop are quiet low.

Same goes to enslaver. didt u guys notice that enslaver spawn ALMOST on every map on 50+ floor. but not really on 200+ floor.

So my theory is like damage reducing thing.

higher floor we go… our damage reducing become lower and lower. so goes the drop rate and drop rarity become lower and lower on higher flood we go.??
same goes to enslaver. spawn rate lower and lower on higher floor.?

i dont really know. but these are my theory.

idk well about this game mechanism. so feel free to correct me…

#note i farm on floor 50+ and not 100+ to block some lagend drop. so the drop change for lagend scope are small. because im target that (unknown location)

EDIT ***This is on M3. plus with hireling

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and floor 700+ doesn’t drop crystals and mythstones at all ? :laughing:

seriously though, on my runs, i tend to have better CS and MS drops in floor 200 to floor 400 than below 200 though my build can one shot everything in its path even at floor 1100+. regarding enslavers, i have better chances on that on rarer types of maps regardless of floor.

in my opinion, cartographer maps are wired differently than the normal maps.