Cronos warrior class survey

Hi guys,
Just as written in topic “Survey”. since ive make wizard and rogue build, i plan to challenge my self to make warrior build this time, but as i am not really interested in warrior class even tho i know warrior class have potential to do insane damage.

So here im confuse to make what kind of build since i normally post it after im done making it… so maybe i can add some taste of your desired build into it. please help me answer some question…

1.Do u prefer PvE build or PvP build.?
2.IF u play on campaign mode, do u use it as main or hireling.?
3.IF u play on Arena, do u prefer to make insane damage dealer or super tanky.?
4.what your favorites MH & OH for warrior.?
5.What ur favorite element for warrior.?

Just that as for now. After collect some more information from u guys, i will start Desigh, build, test and post it. TQ

Please share your PVP builds mate. Can you PM me? We can share eachothers PVP Build too, I am in eternal

my build setup is in public lol. all ppl can see. just search for it u will find it.

What is this PVP people keep talking about? And or campaign mode? As all I can see is select character and then pick dungeon level or am I missing something

My character is a warrior and my build stats is balance HP and attack my items are hammer and totem it would be a great combo I can 1hit with my earthshatter skill in PvP… It can be super fast farmer with explosive sets… xD

Can you share?

warrior 85% complete current progress 1-2B damage on PvE.

I’m using my warrior as hireling. With whirlwind and taunt on proc. Works quite well for me. Also dmg comes from druidic plague build.

thanks buddy. but im almost complete lol