Crushing Arrows v.3.0 [PvE Build] Dominating Higher floors


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Its been a weeekkkk :heart_eyes: sorry for not uploading the video but i think its already a powerful build with no needed video HAHAHAHAHAHA

The reason why i chose Slime pet with Demonic Set affix over an Imp is Demonic could be really pretty much more helpful for Crushing flames. (Crushing Flames only deals High DMG when the enemy is still 100% - 50% HP and when only 25% HP your Crushing Blow DMG will reduce) Demonic as a backup DMG for those enemies on below 30% HP.

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How bout combine it with sureshot? Will it work?
With crushing flames i mean

Definitely not :joy:



Replaced Crystal affixes (Crit Chance, Crit DMG, Deadly Strike) with 45% Block Chance, 30% Dodge, 90% Weaken ( For High resists enemy).

Replaced one of the Crushing Flames (8) to (7) with Inferno (5) due to +Crushing Flame Bonus (Immolation DMG deals tons of Crushing Flames DMG plus with Inferno(5) set affix for more Fire DoT speed) .


May I have a little question?
Why no use of epiphany helm to get the bonus?


Is this only a good build for higher floors, or also as farming hireling on floor 500?

I didnt choose Apex Epiphany for another DMG because Crushing Blow cant be boosted by any DMG type except Crushing Flames. You only need to maximize your Crushing Blow and Elem crit as much as you can :wink:


I guess it all depends on what level you are on. Right now, on lvl 165 Arcane looks really sweet, and with the permafrost set, Frozen looks tempting to say the least.

Part of the reason I created the Wildwood and May Hemm series is because nobody is even walking antbody through the basics. I mean, how many noobs even know what a “set” is? I’m 150+ floors deep and only recently found out what it is. Nobody told me, good thing they gor the codex. Cheers… :sunglasses:


One more thing amongst noobs now that I have a minute to spare. The “nature” of an item. For the longest time I thought it was a worthless crystal simply used for trade. But as it turns out the “nature” of an item has certain bonuses which unlike talents, and much like affixes can add up creating a significant bonus in any particular aspect of character build. Just saying for any noobs out there that may be reading this. Maybe a few old timers that may have forgotten it, too!


If you need more dodge, or want for some remedy. Check out what the codex has to say about the “nature” of an item. An often times overlooked source of power.

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I know right. It took me a while to understand many things until I actually seen the codex and forums. Because of that, I tried to make a newbie friendly build since I was a newbie myself to make aftermath build since I figured it out but I didn’t realise about the high end mythstones and crystals until 2.0 since I never got them for eg.

As for nature, I didn’t understand them even when my first visit to forum until I looked at the definition in codex to be sure and even then, I was skeptical because codex felt wrong sometimes and there were changes with the nature effects. Then I didn’t even know nature’s were good for PvP .
Mythics were easy to know though but only after I looked at the mythic recipes instead of wasting time figuring it out by spending mythstones.

There were many things I didn’t know at the time and it took asking questions on forums to finally figure everything out but it was my first time facing a game as complex as DQ so naturally I didn’t have the same common sense as some people when they first played. Although when I returned to it after 1st day quits, I figured much more out but it took until really trying to understand everything as an interest.

If you’re not interested in knowing what things mean, less quality builds and there’s no way I would have figured even the basics of good builds had I not discover forums and I definitely didn’t understand basic terms like Debuff , what the 100% DMG or the MH/OH% meant , combination of damage multipliers , etc, because I sucked at math until I really gave it effort and turns out it’s simple.

But it is the ones that are the most interested despite the first time experiencing this genre of game that seem to really know a lot since I got interested in knowing as much possible .

No wonder my brother and sister gave up after some tries. They get frustrated at this genre but they are not teens yet a d they don’t even bother to even try to understand what everything meant. As for me , I was similar in that mentality first try but I definitely gave it a chance and then I discovered forums.

There were forums before this format of forums for DQ but for some reason I didn’t knew it existed back then as a newbie or maybe I wasn’t interested? I definitely remember having too high of expectations thinking it had story because of a story Jrpg game as a newbie and thought it wasn’t worth investing in understanding affixes if there was only 200 floors.

Turns out there were more and I felt stupid for that but it at least was a good learning experience and that was when things were a little harder to understand. Nowadays , everything in DQ is becoming much easier to understand to the point where I think anybody could figure it out given enough trial and error but there’s still the factor of interest.


This good in main or for hireling only?

Both hihihi. I currently used this build on campaign and now I am now currently at Floor 4561.

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Last question :smiley: What is your 2nd skill on the Bow ? :smile_cat: Twister or Multishot ?

Twister for Taunt

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Uploading… I have a build based upon this persons logic, which appears to be quite sound. And actually I have found that Crushing Flames CAN be boosted with Immolate, and Blistering. Blistering creates bleed damage, and Immolate along with DoT adds 25% to ED when used by way of Permafrost. And it can go higher… …more details to come.


Thanks :smile_cat:

Which is better ?