Crushing Blow bugged?

Hey all.

I have been searching for similar cases but found nothing on the forums.

So i have to ask: is crushing blow bugged?

I have 10% CB on my gear but it never actually procs. Not once.
Is this a known bug atm or not? Seems like a huuuuge bug since CB is a pretty big stat.

Thanks in advance.

I have CB on my Hunter Ring and it Procs Great and really often especially on the epics or rares enemies :smiley:

Nope , i have 30% of cb and still working on me .

Hmm Well that sucks… I used 3 different items with CB and none of them proces it a single time… :frowning:

Try using ignore resist

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I would love to use ignore resist, but i Am yet to find an item with that on it.

The only change on CB since 1.7 is that it’s nerfed against rare ennemies, I mean, the higher is the rarity of the boss, lower will be effective the crushin blow, which is not accurate and legit.
Because before, a lot of players were playing in brainless mode using crushin blow to grind the ladder and that was kinda noskill and pathetic :smile:

Wow, I may be in the same camp as you, especially as you said the Ignore Resist and Crushing Blow.

My rogue has 10% crushing blow and I always mowed through enemies. 1.7 came out and I feel like it rarely (but prob never after reading this) procs because many mobs just don’t have their health drop at all anymore. However, I also put Ignore Resist on my rogue’s chest when 1.7 came out.

I’ve been scrambling past couple days, unsuccessfully, trying to figure out how to get more CB on my gear! I’ll have to go test/watch if CB never procs. If it never does, I’ll take off my ignore resist armor and see if CB comes back.

So wait, does Ignore Resist help with CB procs against rare/elite/etc. enemies or not?

Hey… Don’t forget you’re also one of them! :laughing:

Not sure about this, but ignore resist helps you not have to swap weapons when somethings immune to your element.

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Not sure about this, but ignore resist helps you not have to swap weapons when somethings immune to your element.

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Hey… Don’t forget you’re also one of them! :laughing:[/quote]

Actually I’m not, otherwise I wouldn’t be bashing myself :unamused:
I just suggested few times to make a hired character with CB, indeed, but I changed my mind kinda quickly when I saw the huge amount of warriors using only tanky builds with 60%CB and grinding with the “respawn spamming” option :unamused:

I climbed the 200-800 floors within 2 weeks with my wizard without hired character actually :unamused:

Most of the new players in highest floor appeared in 1.6 version where explode is bugged…it’s not the fault of players who equipped items with CB mixed up with other affixes to grind highest floor I see no problem with it because before the version of 1.6 there are few players that climbs 1k+ floor…players can equip any items and build what set do they like as long it is in game I see no problem with it and as long as they enjoy playing the game…lol

Tankiness is not needed at floor 1k+ I mean player can only get 1 hit then dead…so what’s the use being tanky if you can’t get into cartograper and kill it??can anyone see the challenge there??guess no one…lol

I’m not talking about explosion but about crushing blow
I’m not saying that players aren’t allowed “to equip any items and build what set do they like blablabla”, I’m just sayin that I’m glad that this unskilled and nobrain setup isn’t working anymore, and indeed, it’s unskilled and nobrained. :unamused:

Don’t try to argue mate, I know that my words can hurt the players who were using this setup, but it’s still my opinion and I find this legit, let’s see if these people can climb further without CB and spamming the money to revive, I doubt so :wink:

I don’t see any bug on my rogue with Ignore Resist and Crushing Blow. Now that I’m paying attention, with my 10% CB on my gear post 1.7 (having some maps in low 500’s and low-mid 200’s):

  • it still procs often enough on regular mobs
  • 10% CB is basically useless on elites on the level 500+ maps I had in my inventory. Even with pistols and a good # of extra attacks.
    • I put another 10% CB on a alternate weapon (since seems stupid to stock up on CB other than these high level elites), for 20% total. It seems to help a good deal, at least now dialing down to difficulty 6, I can take down elites. I really don’t want to go to 30% CB, but will have to see.
  • 10% CB seems ok majority of time on floors in 200-240 range

well… i somehow think of CB as a very similar item Sword of the ruined king in LoL…
each hit is equated to certain percentage of hp of the foe…
thus, great at chipping out those tanky enemies IMO…

i guess this can be a good setup with high damage build on exploring those higher floors… :smile:

CB is a good affix, but i’m kinda looking for another interesting affix aside from deadly strike and CB…
i guess, i’m looking for diversity… :unamused:

on topic

as long as you can see the CRUSHED on the enemy… then it means that it already proc-ed… :smile:

I love lol :smile:

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Deadly Strike + ??? (mythic talents which increase the critical dmg to 3 instead of 2) = Profits