Crushing Flames Immolate

I am trying to make a crushing Flames chakram rogue build. I have everything but an item with immolate. I have rerolled an epic affix 75 times with no luck. Can you rerolled any epic affix to make it immolate eventually or does it need to be a certain epic affix or can you not reroll for immolate. If you can’t reroll for immolate what is the easiest way to get a high immolate chance and immolate affix item?

Make sure the gear you are trying have immolate has fire element (use calcite crystal until fire). Sometimes RNG trolls you badly and it takes a lot of rolls to get a specific affix.

I believe that increase immolation damage is not rollable. To immolate a mob, you need for fire damage to crit, so you are looking for elemental crit chance.

There is an epic affix for immolation % which i think is basically the epic version of elemental crit chance according to the description.