Crushing Flames Literally

I just want to share my fire type build, cuz I don’t have hireling so I make so many build lol, but this one is the only good at climbing and farming at the sametime but don’t expect too much xD

This build is relying on crushing blow and crushing flames and I called this build
" Crushing Flame Literally " lol

So this is my items:

Mutiny flintlock for fire dmg afiix ( cuz you can’t get fire dmg affix using ruby )

Bomb with fire dmg affix also ( I dont know why bomb lol, maybe cuz i dont know how to use vial xD, but bomb is usefull in this build cuz it has low MS )

Leather ( I converted it to rogue using jasper ) from Crushing Flame set of wizard ( I just get the Crushing Flame bonus xD )

Helmet: Apex of Epiphany for dmg bonus

Ring: Loop of Epiphany ( for dmg boost and elemental crit ) ( for godsake I farm so many legend items to earn and save almost 7000 frags to buy this ring HAHAHA lol )

Amulet (with empyrean for dmg also, cuz I dont need sanctuary anymore) ( lol just pray if some attacks are coming to your character xD ) cuz I have max dodge and some block so this build can survive

Pet: my pet is slime with demonic(just I dont have a choice lol) demonic for extra affix only if i have pathfinder pet I will use that pet xD, i’m just using this cuz I get the affix that I need xD

Pet affix:
Dodge ( for max dodge )
Ricochet ( for max ricochet )
Attack Speed ( for Epipahny bonus )
20% Fire dmg
5000 fire dmg

This build needs:

Fury for spam ricochet
Brutal for dmg boost cuz this build have 20% DS xD ( chance is still a chance lol )
2 pieces of 2 to all set ( for set affix )
+4 multi attack
Ignore Resist

Crystal affix:

Attack Speed
Crushing Blow
Crit Chance

Set affix:

4 Crushing Flames ( the key to this build )
Demonic (you can change this)


All Elements


-Mutilate for extra dmg
-Rebound for dmg of your ricocheted bullets
-Propulsion for knockback
-Deadeye for small chance to do 3x dmg cuz I have Brutal


-Good dmg but not so high
-Good survivability ( cuz I have dodge and block affix )
-Good at climbing
-I think it’s good if this character is used as a hireling


-Low MS (but I have Bomb so leap and leap and leap)
-Somewhat weak in the maps with Skyfall ( i’m so lazy to dodge this lol ) and Enemy Heal ( cuz it’s just healing my dmg, based on my experience)
-Not so good at so many enemies so I don’t prefer pack size maps but you can try at your own risk lol, I just don’t want to make my life complicated xD

If you have some suggestions or rants xD just comment xD shoutout to all pinoy playing this game xD

Ps. Im at floor 1900+ mythic 3 using this build.
Pps. I’m using other build to kill some enemies that I can’t kill but if the enemy is cannot be killed even im using other build im quitting the game xD (sorry for my english HAHAHA)

Screenshot_20190801-155349_1 Screenshot_20190801-155400_1 Screenshot_20190801-155411_1 Screenshot_20190801-155515_1 Screenshot_20190801-155523_1 Screenshot_20190801-155531_1 Screenshot_20190801-155540_1 Screenshot_20190801-155555_1


Try adding legend element critical chance or epic immolate somehow :sunglasses:

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he has Elemental Crit on Eternal Loop, so doing good with that.

the only thing I can think of is change the +5000 Fire on the Flintlock to +5000 Weapon DMG. you have around +520% Fire, so the 5000 WD x 5.2, which is around 20,000 more than what you are getting with the +5000 Fire DMG. sure, your Bomb loses the 5k Fire, but the extra DMG for your Ricochet will be really nice. in the DPS Formula, WD+ comes before ED% and ED+ comes after ED%, so ED+ isn’t increased by ED% like WD+ is.

maybe change the +20% Fire DMG to +50% Bleed on Hell Pet. your DMG will be a little lower, but you more than make up for it with the Bleed DMG from Blistering.