Crushing flames with flintrock?

Hej guys,

is there any guide outside for a flintrock-roque and crushing flames?
I´ve seen two guides with bow, but not with flintrock…?!

I was wishing that there could be also a build but there’s no flintlock with weapon dmg%

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Is it not possible to get affixes like that on FL?

Weapon DMG% is nothing when you are at high floors… Elemental DMG% is better.

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Only Epic affix, which just be half of Legend affix :smile:

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OH, really?
So it´s not possible to get wd% with ruby?
Only if the weapon have it, itself?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes offhand and main hand
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Well, ok.
Then I go for berserkers cleaver or vacuus scipio(good point, I have both :))

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Test them all out see what fits most

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I´ll do this - for now, I have berserkers cleaver… It´s nice with the “barbarian” affix…

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U got it !
I play a flintlock Rogue before, but now I’m lazy n play a full Reflect Wiz :smile:

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if it works for bow, it’ll work with flintlock


The good point is, I play as warrior(full farming equip) and my hireling is roque… So I only need a build, who kills everything :slight_smile: