Crushing Flames?


yeah looks like you’re right upon initial tests probably something to do with the crushing flames bonus will look into it




Ohh come on I read some post here in this page he lost 50 Amethyst and now this one lost 25 Amethyst…

Thats terrible mine is only 5 :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


It isnt bug,i found 2-3 times crushing flames when i looking for electrolution set affix (im rogue) and notice that new set affix are obtainable for all class


You cannot put a requirement or bonus on the same item as a Dependant affix. You will need to put it on a different item.


Just bad luck, I got CF pretty often when I want to get another Set Affix =))


This is bad luck and and if you know, I cost 51 Amethyst on Crushing Arrow PvE build. Hahahaha terrible luck bro, TERRIBLE.


That’s worse than 20 amethyst I spent for Reactor, terrashaper or Aftermath for eg . I thought I was super unlucky lol. Man I feel sorry for you that RNG super troll you .


Best way of finding crushing flames is converting the item to wiz and element to fire but by then it still cannot be assured to get 100% show of crushing flames. Sometimes rng is a jerk… Well not sometimes hahahah mostly in my case.


I just wasted 20 amethyst for adventurer :joy:


Just burn last 10 Amethyst to get Frozen, but no it won,t come at all :frowning:


Frozen set affix will only show if you apply an Amethyst to a Rogue item.


I know, i play a Rogue Chakram :joy:


Ah, yeah sorry. I feel you man, being unlucky. Although I have the worst luck with Rubies. :frowning:


Rng troll us :sweat_smile: The bright side is ultra rare crystal r easier to get with 3.0 :blush:


Also crushing flames huhuh 21 amythest disappeared without a trace…


I see Crushing Flame a lot but that not what I’m looking for :confounded:


Crushing Flames is purely by luck, and I just happened to luck out. I have it affixed to a Rogue Vial. I was intially using it with a bow as per suggestion. I am now using it equally well with pistols.


Yeah, I know. Where did I get such weapons from? They are not in the Codex! Actually they ARE. Under Wizard and Warrior, but you first have to convert them. The power of Alchemy. The power of running more than one character class too! Someone to trade with.


RNG must like me a lot. I was just experimenting with set affix crafting, and had Crushing Flames as choices on my first two rolls with amethyst. I like how they work, but not quite what I am looking for on my Ascending Build or soon to be Farming Build. TBH, they were the best of the choices both times.
Edit: is good RNG a bug? forgot where this post is.