Crystal and mythstone feats

Havent confirmed it yet, but I suspect the it’s true… When you complete the use feats for these(which we all appreciate), I think it adds 2 to every stack you own. I haven’t considered hireling inventory, but by converting/moving single crystals, it us possible to have a stack of say…obsidians on each page in your stash. Careful management could therefore allow you to get 6, 8 or even 10 of each type for each feat completion.

No I tried this, didn’t work for me. Stash, inventory, hireling inventory, different stash/inventory pages, nope. Way ahead of you. :wink:

lol, and you don’t think this was the first thing the play testers tried. Even more way ahead of you :wink:
Of course this was all done for experimental purposes and in the name of bug finding :laughing:

Well. That’s good, I guess…:smile: last time I did a cs feat I had a few in my inventory still. Thought they got bumped. Would be curious to know how it figures out where to add the +2s…but its not important. Thx!

Yeah, I tested it myself, and I’m pretty certain I saw a duplicate stack get the +2. Maybe that was an anomaly, though.

I know it doesn’t do them all. I think it just picks one of each type. So, if you saw one go up, you probably didn’t notice the other one didn’t go up.

What i have noticed, is bag inventory seems to get the +2, and then the remainder in stash gets +2.
Im guessing because I have not checked, but i assume if you have duplicates in stash, they wont receive the +2.
Please feel free to correct me if im wrong :wink:

I know that the ones in stash don’t get the bonus, but I’m pretty sure that when I checked it out just after the patch, I got +2 on both stacks of Master that I had in my inventory at the time.