Crystal Conversion Bug?

I went to convert an epic affix on my thunderfang legendary and it turned all of my sapphires into a thunderfang. Then after clicking on the thunderfang in the crystal area and clicking my nightsong it turned into a thunderfang too. Is there anyway to fix this? I think I had around 250 sapphires. It’s not much but I just re-started playing again.

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What veraion are you playing? Is it the updated version? I remember having this similar problem during the beta patch of 2.0. Kindly check first.

I am on version 2.2. I can still play I just converted the weapon in my crystal spot. Just sucks that I lost those sapphires.

Yeah, that sucks. Please contact Support immediately, let him know, to fix this bug completely.

The only way to get the issue fixed is contacting support, since it’s an account dependent issue.