Crystal conversion failure

The crystal convert feature has failed to produce 1 Garnet from 2 Zircon - the gold goes and the zircons, but no garnet is appearing in stash, or anywhere else that I can find. Has happened twice now. Other crystal conversions working as normal, though those have been for crystals I have in my inventory, have no garnets at the moment (or zircons anymore).

i tryed this and everything seems to be ok with me. Are you sure that you are not salvaging the crystals by accident?

Definitely. I thought something funny might have happened the first time, so was very careful the second time I tried.

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. I have 2 question for you:

  • Do you have premium stash?
  • Was your inventory full, when it happens?

No and no. The second time I did the conversion in Bag 4 with at least 6 empty spaces (and all other Bags full).

Hey @MzLysia, if possible could private message me your email used for dq account. This seems to only affect a few players and I’d like to lid your account to test. Thank you!

Happened to me too When converting to jasper 4 times

And it happened again

Hey! Please contact the support: