Crystal Crafting Restrictions

Weapon Damage %, Weapon Damage +, Extra Attack Chance, MP Reduce %, and Block, can only be rolled on OH. if you take Block off of the list, then they are only rolled on MH & OH. there are some Legend Warrior items other than OH that have Block on them, but there are not that many. Gelid Smasher (Hammer, MH) is an example of a non-OH item that has Block. there are a few non weapon items that have Extra Attack Chance. Mind Trick and Will of the Force (Warrior and Wizard) are 2 non weapon items that have EAC. I have also never rolled any of these affixes on pets that I have crafted.
these are the Epic Affixes. Legend and Crystal affixes have more restrictions, and there are some posts about this.

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Hellow sir @Emman it mean the COSMIC POWER have no chance to attained in via Amethyst?

Cosmic power is rollable on mage.

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Yup. That’s right. Convert other class item into Wizard class by Jasper and then roll amethyst for cosmic power also :thumbsup: .

Yes. Some times to get the affixes you want then you will have to roll it on an off class item then jasper it to the desired class

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Is there a chance to get momentum affix on trap? (Rogue) or I need a OH warrior item and reroll it with amethyst until I got the affix and jasper it? What do you think?

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Ahm I have a question sir, @Emman I have an item with no set yet, but the set that I want is exclusive to another char, if I jasper that item to that char then use the crystals, will I have a chance of getting it’s exclusive set or affix?
Thanks in advance.

@Shield_Hero you have 2 options. Take the item you want to craft and Jasper it to the class who’s set you want then roll that set bonus using amythists (if allowed) then convert it back to your own class. Or find a legend item with required affix from other class then Jasper it to your class


thanks @dickwad for your reply concerning Set Affixes (Set Affixes, the Green ones).

also @Shield_Hero, concerning the Affixes (Legend Affix, the Red ones, which are the other ones you are thinking of), if they are Exclusive to an item, that means they can’t be rolled with Ruby and can only be used on the item they are found on. +200% WD & +100% ED are 2 of the big ones that can only be found on items and not rolled with Ruby. a few of these are only found on 1 or 2 Classes items, so would need Jasper to be used by a Class that doesn’t have them on their items. umm, Legend Armor is only found on Warrior items, I think, so if you want even more Armor, you would need to Jasper them from Warrior if you wanted it for a Rogue or Wizard Build.

I wanted a Skull with +200% WD, but the only way to get that combo is getting a Rogue OH that has it and using Jasper.


Cheers @Golem. I use jaspers alot. I love overload which is a rogue proc set affix. So it’s slowly appearing on all my characters . Very expensive in chrystals. Cheaper if you just convert legends.


So we can get shock effect max?

if you look at the Rogue part of the LegendEx, there are four items with Shock Effect Max, plus one of the items has a Set Bonus that adds one more, so it would be possible to get up to 9 stacks of Shock Debuff if you hit the same target that many times in 5 seconds, which is the duration of Shock Debuff, I think.

also, it can’t be rolled with Ruby, so you would have to use the items they come on, and Jasper them if you wanted to use them on a Warrior or Wizard Build.


Just an additional info, i encounter faun’s gift using amethyst when i am building my farmer wizard. So fauns gift is obtainable using amethyst.

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So I read this thread and I would answer these with yes, just to.make sure…

Can you craft the crushing Flames Set?

Can you get crystal block on a horn? (I don’t have mats but using an epic block Horn and maybe substitute in the future with.more.block

Yes to both questions @Petapan

You can roll crushing flames set using amethyst

You can roll obsidian block on your Offhand Horn. See link below:


Newbie question.
What do you mean by the item needs to be on the class that it’s exlusive? Does it mean that example momentum can only be rolled by warriors cause it is one of the class exlusive?

Good question. Let’s say you have a wizard but want to get a warrior exclusive set on a wizard item. First jasper the wizard item to a warrior equivalent. Then add warrior set affix with amythest. Then jasper item back to wizard. I do it a lot. Check your previous gems and their functions.


it also depends on your Build. there are some affixes that can’t be rolled with Crystals, so you have to use the items they come on. Class exclusive Set Affixes means that you would have to use Jasper to get a certain Set if the item it is going on is from another Class because of other affixes. otherwise, just use the item the Set comes on and Jasper it to the Class you want to use it with.


Ty man helps a lot ill try to experiment hehe